A trio of culinary focused, artful items for the discerning gourmet. Individually handcrafted by the Try-Art-Fecta workshop instructors in their La Veta, Colorado art studios. All items are handcrafted and one of a kind so there might be slight variations of items pictured.

Porcelain Olive Oil Dispenser by Nicole Copel

Sterling Silver Cocktail Skewer by Valerie Smith

Batik Cotton/Linen Tea Towel by Beth Evans

Set arrives gift wrapped. Have it shipped anywhere or opt for store pickup at Shalawalla in La Veta.

For more information about Try-Art-Fecta workshops go to http://www.nicolecopelceramics.com/try-art-fecta.html



Gourmet Gift Set

  • The Porcelain Olive Oil Dispenser comes with a stainless steel pouring spout for easy drizzling. Each piece is individually made by hand on a potter’s wheel and will therefore vary slightly, making your piece uniquely yours! (5-6” tall x 3.5 - 4” wide).

    The Batik Cotton/Linen Tea Towel is decorated with an original olive design. Each is individually waxed and dyed by hand so subtle variations in color and design do occur. They are hemstitched and are 14”x20”.

    The Cocktail/Olive/Fruit Skewer is hand wrought sterling silver and is 4 1/2 “ long. A display base (3”x2”) is included. Each rock base is unique and will vary from the photograph. Care instructions are on the enclosed tag.

  • Your item will be shipped USPS Priority Mail within 3-5 business days. Any items which arrive damaged will be replaced. ( please message Shalawalla and include a photo of the damaged item)

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